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Talk of pet loss and infertility

“Getting Riesling wasn’t planned. Our almost 15 year old lab, Libby, had a medical emergency the day before Reesie was born. They overlapped their time on this earth by three days.

A friend of a friend owns Riesling’s mom. I was shown pictures of Riesling and the rest of the puppies the day after they were born. They were adorable, but we weren’t even remotely interested (and there was huge waiting list anyway).

A day later, we had to put our beloved Libby to sleep. Many weeks of grief later on pet Mother’s Day, I asked for a sign from Libby that we made the right choice in letting her go. An hour later I received a a phone call that someone had backed out of taking Riesling and asked if were we interested.

Libby sent the most clear sign that we made the right decision for her and sent us the best way to heal our hearts.

When Reesie was a few months old, I found out that I wasn’t able to have any more children. Riesling saved me in my grief. I wasn’t able to have another baby, so the universe gave me Riesling instead. She is my shadow and the sweetest, most loving, quirky little pup.

She is my heart dog.“

J.M. & Riesling

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