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What is "A Dog's Life a Woman's Story" project?

In March of 2023, I decided to publicly share a pivotal part of my adolescence, detailing the relationship I had with my every other weekend dog Conan, after my parents' divorce. My story ultimately ends at 12 years old with my father's suicide and losing my heart dog. But in the grand scheme of things, I've now realized all these years later, that it was most certainly not the end. It was the beginning of something much greater than I could ever fathom at the time. CLICK HERE TO READ MY PERSONAL STORY.

Would you like to tell your story?

I am looking for women of all ages that would like a personal portrait experience that focuses solely on the love and relationship between you and your special pup. Share a story of a time in your life that was extremely challenging, rewarding, maybe even life altering, when you found absolute comfort in your dog.

The goal of this project is to delve intimately into our own personal setbacks and achievements. Through sharing our stories, we are allowing others the opportunity to relate and share in our experiences, ultimately finding common ground at the center, our heart dogs. Realizing that regardless of the challenges we encounter and overcome, our dogs are there for us in a way that only we can understand.

What are my plans for your story?

Select stories and portraits will be shared via blog posts and social media. Once enough are collected, I intend create a series of publications. In addition, a portion of each session fee will be donated to local nonprofits who's main objective involves working with dogs to help benefit the lives of humans.

2023 Donation

Thanks to those of you that not only participated in this personal project, but that shared with friends, donated session fees and helped spread the word in any way. Because of you, we were able to make a sizeable donation to Horizon's Therapy Dog Program which will be used to help create "Topher's Trail". Read more here.

When: Saturday, Feb. 17th, 2024

Where: My studio in Lockport, NY

*A portion of this years session fees will be donated to

BluePath Service Dogs (NONPROFIT)



$400 Session Fee /

Includes $300 credit


(think of it as a $300 gift certificate)

1 Woman + 1 Dog

30 minute portrait session

20+ portraits to choose from

Portrait reveal + ordering session (via ZOOM)

(See "All the Details" sections below)



All the details.....

The Process

A.STEP 1: Share your story!

STEP 2: Planning: Let's style and prep for your session! From outfit and accessory suggestions, to walking you through what you should expect during your session so you are both ready to go the day of!

STEP 3: Portrait Session: Our detailed planning ensures that this will be an enjoyable experience without feeling rushed or anxious, resulting in an unforgettable time for both you and your pup!

STEP 4: Reveal & Order: Within 2 weeks of your session, I will reach out to schedule your virtual reveal/ordering appointment which is done via Zoom. Together, we will view and chose your favorites, discuss products & finalize your order!

What products do you offer?


What will my budget get me?

A.Don't forget, you have a $300 credit that will come off of your product total.

$2,000-$4,000: A portrait album or folio box AND 1-3 large pieces of wall art. *Most Popular*

$1,000-$2,000: A portrait album or folio box of 20-25 portraits OR multiple pieces of large wall art.

$500-$900: a collection of smaller prints OR 1-2 pieces of wall art.

***All product purchases include their matching digital file for social media sharing. For example: if you purchase an album with 25 portraits, you'll also receive those matching 25 portraits as digital files as well.

What about digital files?

A.Social media sized digital files of all purchased products are complimentary.

This means that if you purchase an album of 25 portraits, you will also receive those 25 images as social media sized digital files for sharing.

Any product you purchase, you will receive the matching digital file.

Digital files are sized for sharing on social media and printing up to 8x10.

Do you offer payment plans?

A.Yes! Payment plan options are available on all product purchases over $750.

Option 1: Pay in full

Option 2: $750 down, split monthly payments up to 6 months.

Option 3: Want your products now but need to split the payments? Head over to paypal.com/credit for instant approval and 0% interest for the first 6 months. Use your PayPal credit to purchase your products!

Do I have to order products before I see my portraits?

A.No. You will place your product order during our reveal/order appoinment (which is done over zoom). This will be scheduled within two weeks of your session.

What magical editing do you perform?

A.Included with your session:

Leash removal, eye boogies, hair removal from clothing, red rockets, background distractions, etc.

Anything that I view as the artist that may impact the overall integrity of an image, will be removed.

What if I don't want my face or name associated with my story?

A.This is 100% fine and understandable. If you would prefer that when your story is shared, that the portrait chosen for the story allows anonymity, you will have the opportunity to select this as an option upon booking your session.

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