Horizon Health Services Therapy Dog Program

A donation of $1,000 was made to Horizon Health Services Therapy Dog Program in the name of everyone that participated in the "A Dogs Life, A Woman's Story" project thus far.

I received an update on how the funds are going to be used and its incredible. Just know that you were part of making this happen. Whether you participated, shared the project with your friends, donated a session fee...this is us coming together to do a great thing for our community.

Response below from Colleen Babcock, Parent & Family Support Coordinator for Horizon Health Services:

"First, THANK YOU so very much for your generous donation, you are so appreciated!!!

So, Topher's Trail is designed in memory of my son and the many, many people who have lost their battle or continue to fight to overcome addiction. I have attached the letter I sent out which gives a little overview of the trail.

In 2011 when Christopher first entered treatment I attended as a family member, I approached the CEO and asked if I could bring my therapy dogs in for the patients, that is how it all started. By 2013 I was an employee and started the first Therapy Dog Program in a treatment facility in WNY, today we have 10 dogs on staff. Some of our dogs work internally directly with patients and some (mine) work in the community to educate. My son Chris was such a big part of this and encouraged me to do this, he was my inspiration and my drive. Luna, who was Christophers dog was certified for therapy the week before he passed away, her tags came in the mail the day after he died. She is now a Horizon Health Services Therapy Dog and continues his passion and drive to help others.

Topher's Trail will create a safe space for individuals in recovery to reconnect with themselves, it will have memorial bench's, gardens, Therapy Dog stations for our patients to spend time outdoors with the dogs and a memorial garden dedicated to our Therapy Dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge. There will be stations promoting the 12 steps and more, it keeps growing with more ideas. Christopher would be so touched by the generosity of so many people to bring this trail to reality. He loved spending time in nature and often said his best times were spent at Horizon Village.

There is so much more to our story, we had such an amazing journey. I know my son changed the world, there is no doubt. I have attached a video that was created by one of my students in his memory as well as a picture of Luna. The other attachments explain the trail and fundraiser, they can be emailed or printed off if you would like to share them. The QR code goes directly to the donation site at Horizon. Please just let people know to state Topher's Trail Therapy Dog Program when making their donation."