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Hi, I'm Emily! Since 2011, I have photographed everything from the birth of babies to families, weddings and events. in 2018, I thought I was right where I was supposed to be until I decided to photograph my dogs catching cheeseballs. This was my "ah-ha" moment and I ran with it!

To me, photographing your pet is more than just knowing the best angles and picking a good location. It's about their story and how they want to tell it. My sessions tend to be more animal driven, meaning I want your dog, cat or horse to take the lead. To show me their personality on their terms, when they're comfortable. The result of my patience reflects in photos that show a truly happy animal.

Your pets experience (and yours too) is just as important to me as the photos we're creating. If a session with me sounds like a good fit, lets talk.

Tell your dog I said hi!

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