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Hi, I'm Emily! Since 2011, I have photographed everything from birth and babies, to families, weddings and events. I thought I was right where I was supposed to be until one day I decided to photograph my dogs as they tried to catch cheeseballs. This was my "ah-ha" moment day and I have never looked back.

To me, photographing your dog is more than just knowing the best angles and picking a good location. Its about their story and how they want to tell it. My sessions tend to be more dog driven, meaning I let them take the lead as opposed to making them sit and stay. If they like to fetch a ball, then Ill run right after it with them to get that shot. If they prefer to stay by your side, then Ill sit there too and make it work.

Your dogs experience (and yours too) is just as important to me as the photos we're creating. If a session with me sounds like a good fit, lets talk.

Tell your dog I said hi!

photographer girl with dog client bulldog wearing a gold crown

Emily (photographer) & pup client Darla #justmeandyourdog

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself"

—Josh Billings



Bethany Allsop

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"I couldn’t recommend her any higher. She captures everything I want without having to say a word. I’m constantly asked who takes my photos. She has made me cry, taken my breath away, and given me chills. Her talent and vision is astounding. Book a session now!"

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