Hi there, I'm Emily

About Me

I am so happy you’re here! Let me tell you a little about what led me here.

My love for photography started as a child when I developed a fascination for taking pictures of people when they weren’t paying attention. Some times it would take weeks before my Mom would develop the film and I could see what I shot. I remember the feeling of being proud, looking at the photos and hearing feedback from my parents about how I was able to capture a moment or how beautiful someone looked. That is when the obsession began.

I acquired my first DSLR camera in October 2010, after dropping and breaking my little point and shoot camera. I photographed anything and everything, but I was always drawn to my kids and pets. From there, family and friends began asking me to photograph their loved ones. In January 2011, Tailor Mayde Photography was born. I focused on newborns and eventually expanded to incorporate everything from child birth, children, families and pets, to senior portraits, products, events and more.

But my obsession with animals started long before I discovered a camera. One of my earliest memories was with my bird, Peepers. I was sitting with Peepers while talking to my mom about my mean friend, Laura. I pronounced her name Mauraura and because she was so mean, I demanded that she was never EVER allowed to pet my bird, Peepers. We also had Timmy, my best friend. He was a yellow lab and I still remember sobbing for days when we had to give him to the people on the farm so he had more space. I can gladly say with confidence, Timmy truly did go to live on a farm because my Dad used to take me to visit him and we would play in the creek together.

When I was 7, I started taking horse back riding lessons and horses slowly started taking over my life. I begged for a horse on every birthday and every Christmas. Finally when I turned 18, I called my mom while she was on vacation and I told her the most exciting news I ever had…I finally bought my first horse! I remember being on the phone with her as they were unloading my beautiful Percheron mare, Gemini, off the trailer and into her new stall in my best friends barn. That’s when she asked…

“Emily, how did you buy your new horse?”

“With my MasterCard, Mom”

Needless to say, I am an animal lover and have been from as far back as I can remember. My pets have played an extremely important part of my life and I know that each of them have contributed to the person I am today. They have all brought a joy to my life like no other. They allow me to understand the incredible bonds we form with our animals and why they are considered just as much of a part of our family as humans are.



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