Hello, I'm Emily

Scroll down for a video interview with me and a look behind the scenes of a puppy studio session!

I’m happy you’re here! I don't want to bore you with a bunch of paragraphs about me so I will keep it short and sweet with some fun stuff…

  • I grew up in Sanborn, NY
  • I have 2 boys, born almost exactly 10 years apart
  • My husband is a Veteran, Firefighter and once posed as a boudoir model for me so I could practice
  • I have 2 mastiff mix pups, both are parvo survivors!
  • I foster dogs through Awesome Paws Rescue
  • I love the Tragically Hip
  • I love music festivals and traveling
  • I spend a lot of time camping
  • My roller derby name was "Tragedy Ann"
  • I bought my first horse with a credit card when I was 18
  • I eat my cake in a bowl full of milk like cereal
  • My favorite movie is The Jerk
family photo fail

Photo Credit: Amanda Rosenberg of Seventh Arrow Studio

girl with brown horse at a horse show

My first horse show

Me on the left, Queen City Roller Derby

My lovely, hilarious husband

girl with a dog on christmas

My very own first dog, Taurus