Buffalo, NY Falliday Dog Food Drive Marathon

The 2023 Falliday Dog Food Drive will be a little different this year! IT'S A MARATHON!

  • When & where: Buffalo Holiday Market, 202 Ohio St. Buffalo, NY on Sunday, November 19th from 1-3pm. The market will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC so the only people there will be there to be photographed.
  • Bring a bag of dog food (or $25 cash only) to donate and that is your session fee. Larger bags are greatly appreciated as they go a much longer way when it comes to help feed the pups at our local shelters. OPEN BAGS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Your dog (pet) is your ticket in. If you do not have a dog (or pet) with you, you will NOT be allowed entry.
  • This is an outdoor event so dress accordingly. If the weather is bad, we will move to the following weekend, Sunday, 11/26. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE (THIS PAGE) FOR ANY UPDATES.
  • This is for immediate family/pets only. If you wish to come with your immediate family but also want you and your spouse photographed with your pet, you will also need to bring a bag of food (or $25 cash only) to donate as these will be considered separate.

Since this is a marathon, each family/dog will only have a couple minutes in front of the camera. Think "pictures with Santa at the mall". There will be a line and the key will be to move along quickly so everyone has time in front of the camera.

What happens after? All photos from the marathon will be on my website in one big public gallery within 1 week. The number of photos each family will have to chose from is unknown at this time (I anticipate 1-5). This is a digital file only event. Each digital file will be $25. Find your photos online, purchase your digital's and download them right to your phone or computer. Use them for social media sharing, holiday cards, gifts, prints, etc. You are not obligated to purchase anything.

Please use your best judgment when it comes to deciding if this environment will be a good fit for your pet. If your pet is not good around other animals, people or anxious in crowds, please do not stress them out by bringing them.

Event ends promptly at 3. If you are in line at 3, you are good! If you show up after 3, unfortunately, we will not be able to admit you into the line.

This event is for people and their pets together. Due to the nature of the marathon, I will not have time to edit out leashes or people holding their pets in place. If you wish to have only your pet photographed, I can crop you out of the picture but unfortunately, I will not have the time it takes to edit people completely out of photos.

Because we have no idea what to anticipate for turnout, there will be 2 photographers to keep things moving should a long line start to form. I will be editing all photos.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of Buffalo's first ever Falliday Dog Food Drive Marathon! Help me make it epic!

Dress up, dress down, come in your PJ's, wear costumes, lets have fun!

Feel free to text me with questions (716) 998-5027