Investment Information

Your pet is not required to have any training in order to have a successful session.

On Location Session

These candid style, story telling sessions are done at a location of your choice whether it be at your home or somewhere special.

■ Your pet DOES NOT have to be off leash.

Studio Session

Located in Lockport, NY the studio allows us to be inside, unleashed, out of the elements with ample natural light and plenty of "home-like" settings for a variety of portraits.

■ Treat toss session included! Visit my portfolio page to see what treat toss is. You'll know it when you see it!

Out of state? I travel!

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The Process

A.STEP 1: Consultation: Tell me all about your pup and your vision so we can discuss ideas and plan your perfect session.

STEP 2: Planning: Let's style and prep for your session! From outfit and accessory suggestions to walking you through what you should expect during your session so you are ready to go the day of!

STEP 3: Portrait Session: Our detailed planning ensures that this will be an enjoyable experience without feeling rushed or anxious, resulting in an unforgettable time for both you and your pup!

STEP 4: Reveal & Order | A virtual reveal will be scheduled within 2 weeks of your session. Together, we will view (& most likely cry) as well sort through your portraits, discuss products & finalize your order!

The Session Fee

A.$450 Session Fee / Includes $300 Product Credit

$300 of the $450 session fee is yours to use towards whatever products you'd like to purchase after you see your portraits. Think of it as a gift card.

■ Studio or On Location
■ 60-90 minute portrait session
■ Planning & Styling
■ 40+ unique portraits to chose from
■ Custom wall art renderings (so you can see what they look like on YOUR wall before you purchase).
■ Portrait reveal + ordering session (done over Zoom)

Payment plans available on product purchases.

What products do you offer?


What will my budget get me?

A.Don't forget, you have a $300 credit that will come off of your product total.

$2,000-$4,000: A portrait album or folio box AND 1-3 large pieces of wall art. *Most Popular*

$1,000-$2,000: A portrait album or folio box of 20-25 portraits OR multiple pieces of large wall art.

$500-$900: a collection of smaller prints OR 1-2 pieces of wall art.

■ All product purchases include their matching digital file for social media sharing. For example: if you purchase an album with 25 portraits, you'll also receive those matching 25 portraits as digital files as well.

What about digital files?

A.Social media sized digital files of all purchased products are complimentary.

This means that if you purchase an album of 25 portraits, you will also receive those 25 images as social media sized digital files for sharing.

Any product you purchase, you will receive the matching digital file.

Digital files are sized for sharing on social media and printing up to 8x10.

Do you offer payment plans?

A.Yes! Payment plan options are available on all product purchases over $750.

Option 1: Pay in full

Option 2: $750 down, split monthly payments up to 6 months.

Option 3: Want your products now but need to split the payments? Head over to for instant approval and 0% interest for the first 6 months. Use your PayPal credit to purchase your products!

Do I have to order products before I see my portraits?

A.No. You will place your product order during our reveal/order appointment (which is done over zoom). This will be scheduled within two weeks of your session.

What magical editing do you perform?

A.Included with your session:

Leash removal, eye boogies, hair removal from clothing, red rockets, background distractions, etc.

Anything that I view as the artist that may impact the overall integrity of an image, will be removed.


Prices shown are before your $300 credit is applied*

1 / 6

1 / 6


There are 3 wall art options to chose from:

  • Canvas
  • Framed Canvas
  • Metal

Wall art pricing starts at $495. Sizes start at 16x24.

(Samples shown in studio)

Digital files: You will receive complimentary matching digital files of each piece of wall art purchased. Files are sized for social media sharing and prints up to 8x10.

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Portrait Album

Handmade in Italy, this album is unlike most albums not only in quality but in its unique display capability. The album sits snug inside of a display case beneath a magnetic, see through cover. This allows you to stand the album on its side, to display like a framed photo.

Album includes 25 portraits and starts at $1,895. More portraits can be added to your album.

(Sample shown in studio)

Digital files: You will receive complimentary matching digital files of each portrait in your album. Files are sized for social media sharing and prints up to 8x10.

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Folio Box

This folio box will blow you away not only in quality but functionality too! It is the only box I have ever come across with a display window compartment that opens, allowing you to switch which photo you want on display even if the box is empty!

This means you can remove as many of the matted portraits from inside, frame them and then use the box to store other keepsakes. Some clients have even used the folio box for their pets ashes.

Includes 20, 5x7 matted portraits starting at $1,895. Holds 30.

(Sample shown in studio)

Digital files: You will receive complimentary matching digital files of each portrait in your folio box. Files are sized for social media sharing and prints up to 8x10.

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Gift Prints

Matted or hand brushed gift prints are available in sizes 5x7 or 8x10 priced at $125 each. Quantity discounts are available.

What is hand brushed? Hand brushed prints are first mounted atop a thick masonite backing followed then by a water based top coat, leaving the light appearance of paint brush strokes similar to that of a painting. These can be displayed as is or placed into a frame.

(Samples shown in studio)

Digital files: You will receive the complimentary matching digital file of each gift print purchased. Files are sized for social media sharing and prints up to 8x10.

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Mobile Gallery

All sessions include a complimentary mobile gallery containing all of your purchased portraits. This will be sent to you via text message once your product purchase has been completed.

A mobile gallery is essentially an app for your mobile phone and/or tablet. Your pets portrait will be the apps icon and you'll tap the app to see all of your purchased portraits any time you'd like. Share the app with friends and family via text message to allow them to see your mobile gallery as well. 

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Digital Files

Digital files are unavailable as a product to be purchased on their own however, you will be given the matching digital files of any products you have purchased.

What does that even mean? I'll give you a couple examples:

  • If you purchase an album filled with 30 portraits, you will receive those 30 portraits as digital files as well.
  • If you purchase a 30x40 framed canvas, you will receive the matching digital file.

Files are sized for social media sharing & printing up to size 8x10.

Current Studio Sets