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Death of a parent

"Dog's pregnancies are typically about 2 months. Well. Cheyenne was born 2 months and 1 day after my mom passed away unexpectedly. I tell everyone it must've been one of the first things on my moms to-do list when she got upstairs.

I had asked my Dad if we could get a puppy since we didn't really say much after my mom's passing. We'd be home, sit in silence and mindlessly watch TV. I started researching breeders to make sure I had a good one, with no intention of actually getting a Berner immediately. But then I stumbled across a picture of Cheyenne and immediately knew she was my dog. I asked my dad, he said "puppy proof your room" so I did and 2 days later, I was on my way to get her.

She brought life back into a house that didn't have much life left. She re-sparked conversation between my dad and I, and pulled us out of our depression whether we knew it or not. She's been there through fights with my boyfriend and bad days at work as a nurse. She just always knows what she needs to do. Quirky when she needs to be, loving when she needs to be. There have been numerous nights that I came home from work, sat on the kitchen floor and Cheyenne was immediately coming over to me to plop her big ol’ butt in my lap to make everything better.

She is 100% my heart dog and my fur-child and I don't know what I'll do when the day comes I'm without her."

M.P. & Cheyenne

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