Another successful pet adoption event!

HUGE shout out to the Buffalo Sabres & Buffalo Bills for hosting WNY's Furtastic Adopt-a-thon pet adoption event at KeyBank Center this past Saturday!

Many animals were adopted due to this event! THANK YOU!

And big thanks to Milk-Bone for providing the treat toss treats for the adoptable pups that felt inclined to participate!

With that said, let me add one thing. I follow a lot of these rescues. I see them work hard and tirelessly post cats and dogs on social media to get them the attention they deserve. I see how easy it is to fall in love after seeing a photo - OR - how easily they can be dismissed after seeing a photo. Some are pro's in front of the camera and others may be scared or nervous because they have been through a lot to get here (through no fault of their own).

So try to keep that in mind anytime you see a rescue/shelter post a photo of an adoptable pup or cat that may not be as photogenic at the moment as the last one was.

That's why these events are so important! Meeting them in person gives them the opportunity to truly be seen! Attend events, reach out to rescues to set up meet and greets. Give them the chance to let you scratch their ears or belly, give them treats, let them lick your cheek or purr in your lap because a lot of times, they will choose you!

“This Pet Adoption event was created in the same spirit of teamwork that our beloved Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills extend beyond the ice and the field to make our community stronger. It’s a celebration of that teamwork, uniting rescues, shelters and our devoted pet community in a powerful collective mission: to rescue and find families for homeless pets,” said Tina Chaudhry, President of WNY’s Furtastic Adopt-A-Thon.

Side note: CATS!! There were lots of beautiful kitties although not pictured in this gallery. This is because when I made my rounds with my camera, they were in their cages as most cats tend to be more comfortable at events like this in their little spaces as opposed to walking around on leashes, like pups. I felt like photographing them nervously snuggled in a corner would not do them justice but that does not make them any less deserving of a home. Rescues like Ten Lives Club and Kat Colony have lots of kitties waiting to meet you!



The following shelters and rescue groups signed up to attend the event:

Allie & Pals Rescue

Awesome Paws Rescue

Buddy's Second Chance Rescue

Buffalo Underdogs Rescue

City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue

HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team, Inc.

Kat Colony

Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Niagara SPCA

Nickel City Canine Rescue

Open Arms Rescue of WNY

Queen City Pitties Animal Rescue

Rescue Buffalo

The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls, Inc.

SNORT - Short Noses Only Rescue Team

The Pit Chic - All Breed Dog Training & Municipal Shelter

The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY

Ten Lives Club

7 Hearts Maternity Rescue

716 PAWS