“She hasn’t been this active in a long time”. Meet Leilah. Leilahs family recently received some unfortunate news and they are unsure of how much longer she has with them. But she sure stole the show during her session when she finally opened up after being a bit apprehensive of me and my gear when we got started.

At first she kept me in line and a good distance behind her family by nipping my feet as I walked. I learned that if I stayed far enough behind them, that was ok with Leilah.

But about half way through our session, she realized that I was no threat at all and her personality finally came out to play. She pranced her cute little self all around, checking in with each family member. She started to become playful and more active as the time passed, at one point even running through the grass with her rubber chicken like a young pup would. Her family continued to say “I can’t believe how active she’s being” because they haven’t seen her this was in a while.

At the end of our session while chatting with the family, Leilah put her head right into my hand and then licked the top of my foot as if to say “I’m sorry”.

She completely stole my heart and that is a moment I will never forget.