Your session is coming up and you might be wondering if there is anything you could or should be doing to prepare. Below are a some tips and tricks to help you and your pup the day of your session.


One of most frequent things I say during a session is "dont worry, this is how a typical session goes". This being said as I'm wrangling dogs that are jumping from couch to couch, running around the studio with with the zoomies, pretty much just being dogs.

Its completely normal and OK!


Do not set expectations of your pup. Revert back to # 1. Try your best to relax and know that no matter how crazy or "off" your dog might be acting, its normal. They're in a new surrounding with tons of new smells, sounds, equipment. We will get the shots, we both just need to kinda sit back and let your pup adjust. I want your dog to feel safe and they can feel a stressful environment. Think of your time with me as just a couple of friends getting together to play with pups! Whats more stress free than that? They will settle in eventually, I promise.


A nice long walk or run before your session will help tire and relax them.


Feel free to bring treats and/or toys you know they love. I always have these things on hand but sometimes they want nothing to do with my treats and toys.


If you have more than one dog, bringing a friend to help is always a good idea. Though it is not required, an extra set of hands if needed, is never a bad thing.


Have fun! Pump your dog up before they meet me. Let them know that you're excited and they should be too!