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Sexual assault, PTSD, self harm

"Growing up I had a pretty regular life and family. I loved soccer and hanging out with my friends but I felt as though no one truly understood who I was and especially what I was holding in.

When I was 6 years old, I was sexually assaulted but at the time, I didn't know that. It wasn't until I was in high school when I finally understood what actually happened to me.

When I realized, my entire life changed.

On the outside I was still your normal funny, silly, happy go lucky girl but inside I was mad, angry and didn't know what to do or who to talk to. I started to self harm and I almost committed suicide because I couldn't handle feeling everything that I did.

I remember the day my parents found out that I was self harming. We went out to dinner and just placed our food order. My Dad was acting weird. Then he asked to see my arms saying something was on my sweatshirt. I pulled out my arms and he slid up my sleeves and he saw the cuts. To this day, I can't get his face of sadness out of my head. I told them I did it because I was being bullied (which I wasn't).

Fast forward a year and I hit my breaking point. I went down to the guidance counselor randomly one day and it was like word vomit. I told everything. She called my Dad and told him what happened.

Again, I can remember the sadness in his face.

Fast forward a few years, I finally started seeing a therapist and getting all my feelings and emotions in control. Then, the day before I graduated with my bachelors degree, I was sexually assaulted again.

I thought that guy took away what I accomplished since it was the day before I graduated. I was graduating a year early and all I can think about was that. It was extremely hard to cope with just because I kept blaming myself because it happened again.

Fast forward a few years, my fiancé and I adopted Jameson. He was the cutest little peanut I have ever seen. He helped me get out of bed, he made me think if HE was okay rather than feeling sorry for myself. I woke up every morning wanting to see his cute little face and make sure I get home right away to hold him.

Jameson honestly saved my life in a way most people cannot even understand.

Everyone knows me for the extravagant birthday parties I throw him, the million toys he has and now even the custom granite dog bowl dish with a pot filler just so I can try to give back to him. People just see it as me boasting about what I can give him when in reality, I am trying to give back something he doesn't even know he has given me which is my life.

Our second dog Arrow, is also a huge part of my healing process. Once we got him, Jameson became that spunky little puppy again. I had absolutely no time to get into my feelings about old wounds or get into my head about negative things because I never want them feeling the negative energy.

My boys saved my life and continue to make me realize that I am so blessed."

A.K. & Jameson

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