There is nothing more scary for me as a photographer than when another photographer reaches out to book a session. If you’re a photographer, maybe you know the feeling? The feeling of disappointing them or letting them down because they chose YOU over hundreds of others they could have booked with.

Tess reached out to me, wanting to book a session. Not only is she a pet photographer too but she is booking all the way from Pittsburgh!

We chatted a bit about her family and I found out that they are a die hard camping family just like mine. So we both booked campsites in Erie PA and scheduled her session with the intention of capturing her family doing what they love to do…exploring and camping.

Of course in the months leading up to her session, I’m nervous.

Which is normal, I always feel nervous before sessions. I want to deliver photos to my clients are above and beyond their expectations. So I put a lot of pressure on myself to do that. And the nerves are doubled when my client is a photographer themself.

But as soon as we met, shook hands, I fed her pups some cheese to schmooze them over and her kids greeted me like they knew me forever, my nerves melted away. I felt like I already knew them and everything just fell into place.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a pet photographer that will treat you like family, you will be in great hands with Tess. Check her out at Setter Marie.