Why I operate the way I do...

I recently had a conversation with someone (not a client) that was quite rude to me because their opinion was that my services are "too expensive". This allows me the opportunity to explain some things you may not realize.

This person felt compelled to tell me that it is wrong to only offer physical products for purchase and not digital files.

I don't sell digital files (other than for certain and specific circumstances). Why? Well first, digital files tend to undervalue the craftsmanship behind each photograph.

And second, picture this: you invest in a session and acquire digital files to print independently (when and IF you do finally decide to print them). You eagerly send one of these files to a consumer-grade print service (like shutterfly), envisioning a beautiful canvas on your wall. However, upon its arrival, you're upset to find that it has a greenish tint, or it looks quite de-saturated and not as vibrant or there is a significant deviation from the original image you fell in love with on your screen.

This discrepancy arises from the fact that my monitor is calibrated to color match the print partners I work with that only professional photographers have access to print though.

Subsequently, the canvas fails to meet your expectations, leaving you understandably dissatisfied and possibly attributing the disappointment to my work. Due to a subpar product out of my control, what are the chances you are going to rave about your experience to your family and friends in the future?

I want you to have products that match the vibrant, beautiful images you fell in love with on your screen. Products that in years from now, will be just as beautiful as they were before your pet crossed the rainbow bridge. Products that are not going to fade from sunlight, that stand up to tennis balls accidentally hitting them or slinger's being wiped off of their surface without colors wiping off as well. Products you adore and love showing off.

But in doing so, the cost is higher to both you and me.

It's important to note that my decision not to offer digital files for purchase isn't about withholding them from you. In fact, I give you the matching social media sized digital copies of the portraits you select for your products, complimentary. So you still do get the files to share!

Beyond the products themselves, my pricing also reflects the experience and expertise I bring to each session. I have been a professional photographer for well over a decade. I have photographed thousands of dogs and have an intimate understanding of their temperament, needs and quirks based on experience. Each animal is different from the next, no two are the same and each session requires its own individual approach (based on numerous factors including relationships, history, situational behaviors, breed, age, health and the list goes on) in order to get the very best out of them.

My pricing also allows me to donate freely to different local animal driven organizations that I find are in need the most, year after year. Aside from monetary donations, my pricing allows me to set time aside where I could be working with paying clients, to instead volunteer with rescues/shelters and fund raise through different events.

And then there's the boring stuff like taxes, insurance, education, equipment, etc.

So, while my rates may appear higher compared to others, it's important to recognize that each photographer brings their own unique offerings to the table. I don't claim to be better than anyone; rather, I prioritize delivering not just high quality products, but an unparalleled experience from start to finish.