Getting to know my Neighbors

A Personal Project | Post 1

My work desk is conveniently placed in front of the big picture window that faces the bustling street of my neighborhood. I often look up to see the same neighbors walking their dogs, sometimes multiple times a day. Some of them I know, some of them I don't. If I saw them at the grocery store, I probably wouldn't recognize them without their dog.

The last couple of days, I am seeing more and more new people and new dogs walking by my house.

I find myself now thinking "what is their story". How has life changed for them in the last week?

This got me thinking. These are my neighbors, why not get to know them a little more? Learn about them. Learn about their pups. Learn about how this has effected their lives.

So yesterday, I sat outside of my house and I waited. It only took all of 30 seconds before I saw my first pup. It was a family - a Mom, her two children and their pup Rocky. I learned that Mom works for the school district and now finds herself home with her two kids. In fact, my son goes to the same school she works in and he knows her son too!

We kept a safe distance from each other however, for a brief moment our arms extended to shake hands but both kind of hung there awkwardly while we giggled and agreed that its hard to get out of that habit.

Meet Rocky, a.k.a. Rockers. Rocky is a 1 year old, Beagle/Lab mix adopted from Magic's Mission Beagle & Hound Rescue, Inc.

"Rocky enjoys agility training with his best human, Julian, chasing and catching frisbees, playing with other dogs and snuggling. He loves bananas and apples, but will eat almost anything, including smelly socks and slippers!"

He can be in what appears to be a deep slumber, but as soon as he hears the slightest noise outside (which we never are even aware of), he jumps up and races to the window in a full sprint, as if he was never asleep.

We hope to be out walking almost every day that the kids are off of school, so I'm sure we'll see you again!"