Frequently Asked Questions

What service are you providing?

A.I am creating custom art with intention. Whether it be to incorporate wall art or portrait albums into your living space or to create content that aligns with your brand for products, website and/or social media platforms.

The portrait intent behind each project can vary from capturing the expression of emotions, telling a story, conveying a message, building a brand, or simply capturing a moment or feeling. With a clear vision of what needs to be achieved, I am intentionally designing and creating to meet a specific goal.

My approach to each project is tailored to suit the individual needs of each client.

Are digitals, prints or albums included in my session?

A.Products are presented and purchased during your reveal & ordering session which takes place a couple weeks after your portrait session.

Your session includes a $500 credit that you can use towards any products.

What can I purchase with the product credit?

A.The $500 product credit will allow you to walk away with a handful of mounted 5x7 or 8x10, hand brushed gift prints that are ready to be framed and displayed around your home or office. Or use your credit towards one of my smaller pieces of wall art.

Typically, clients choose to use their print credit towards upgrading to larger pieces of wall art or albums.

Most clients invest around $4k which allows them to walk away with 1-3 large statement pieces for multiple rooms in their home and an album or image folio box containing 20-30 of their favorite portraits.

However, some clients chose to invest a little less, around $1k. Walking away with a portrait album and a smaller piece of wall art or hand brushed gift prints.

And others that have planned for larger than life size portraits displayed in multiple rooms of their home and office, along with albums and gift prints galore, may spend anywhere from $10k, $15k even $20k!

There are options to work within every budget.

Do you provide the digital files?

A.Corresponding digital files are included with all product purchases.

This means that if you purchase a portrait album of 20 photos, you will also receive those corresponding 20 photos as digital files as well.

Each piece of wall art purchased, you will receive the corresponding digital file. Same concept for hand brushed gift prints.

Corresponding digital files will be sized for social media sharing and maximum print size of up to 11x14. The full resolution digital gallery is also available to purchase separately.

Can I be in photos with my dog?

A.100% YES!

What if my dog is uncooperative?

A.Don't think that because your pup hasn't perfected the sit/stay, that they wouldn't do well in front of the camera.

I have experience working with a variety of different dogs, each with their own needs. From not being comfortable around people and dogs with known aggression, to goofy, stubborn family dogs, award winning champions and well trained service dogs.

Each location is full of new smells, surroundings, people and emotions that they can pick up on. And every dogs reaction to new situations is different.

My job is to know how to handle each situation and temperament to allow for a successful session.

Does my dog have to be off leash?

A.Other than in the studio which is a safe place, no. It is not required for your dog to be off leash. To ensure the safety of not only your dog but others that may be around during your session, I do not recommend or encourage dogs to be off leash.

On our planning call, I will explain to you what to expect the day of your session. This includes how I will capture particular shots while your pup remains on his/her leash.

During the editing process, I will removed leashes, eye goops, hair on clothes, etc.

What is your turn around time?

A.1-2 weeks, depending of the size and scope of the project

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