Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog is crazy?

Embrace the craze! Sometimes a hyper dog gives the best photo ops. I have tips and tricks to get even the craziest dog to focus.

What if my dog doesnt know sit or stay?

That's ok! Sometimes all they need is a little time to acclimate to the new surrounding or new people. Once they settle in, it will be easier to capture their attention using food and unique sounds.

Does my dog have to be off leash?

Other than in the studio which is a safe place, no. It is not required for your dog to be off leash. To insure the safety of not only your dog but others that may be around during your session, I do not recommend or encourage dogs to be off leash.

Can you photograph my dogs together?

Any time there is more than one dog at a session, I will try to capture them together. Sometimes this is easier said than done. In those cases, I will try my best to create a little magic during the editing process.

Do I have to pick my products before my session?

Nope! The only thing you have to do before your session is book it! After your session is complete, I will work on (editing) your photos. Once they are edited and in your online gallery, you will view them and place your order.

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