Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be in photos with my dog?

A.100% YES!

What if my dog is uncooperative?

A.Don't think that because your pup hasn't perfected the sit/stay, that they wouldn't do well in front of the camera.

And if they have perfected the sit/stay, try not to come to your session with the expectation that they are going to sit like an angel.

Each location is full of new smells, surroundings, people and emotions that they can pick up on. And every dogs reaction to new situations is different so the most important part of my job is knowing how to adjust to what works for them.

Does my dog have to be off leash?

A.Other than in the studio which is a safe place, no. It is not required for your dog to be off leash. To insure the safety of not only your dog but others that may be around during your session, I do not recommend or encourage dogs to be off leash.

During the editing process, I will removed leashes, eye goops, hair on clothes, etc.

What if I have more than one pet?

A.No problem! Let me know how many and I will make sure we are able to photograph them in the allotted time frame.

Can you photograph my dogs together?

A.Any time there is more than one dog at a session, I try my best to capture them together.

Do I pick my products before my session?

A.Nope! The only thing you have to do before your session is book it! After your session is complete, I will work on editing your photos. Once they are edited and in your online gallery, you will view them and place your order.

Are any digitals or products included with the $200 session fee?

A.Anything you wish to purchase, is separate from the session fee.

Once I have edited your photos and uploaded them into your online gallery, that is when you will select what you would like to purchase.

How long until my photos are ready?

A.Within one week of your session, I will email you a link to your completed gallery.

Each session takes me anywhere from 4-8 hours to edit, sometimes longer. This includes removing leashes, eye goops, any distractions in a photo, hair from clothing & the occasional red rocket. As well as other things that require certain attention to detail that can only be done in photoshop.

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